Cultural Heritage Management

The preparation of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required when a listed high impact activity is proposed in an area of cultural heritage sensitivity, as defined by the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007.

A simple way to check whether a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required for a proposed activity is to use the Aboriginal heritage planning tool and follow the prompts.

EMAC is both a Registered Aboriginal Party and and an applicant over it’s country under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 .

EMAC provides professional cultural heritage services to businesses and government, including organising and conducting cultural heritage surveys

EMAC’s fee schedule is available here →  EMAC fee schedule




Welcome to Country

‘Welcome to Country’ is an important ceremony undertaken by our people. Inviting us to welcome visitors to our traditional land helps non-Indigenous people recognise Aboriginal culture and history.

Traditional Owners are the only appropriate people to carry out welcomes to country for events on Eastern Maar Country.

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