Eastern Maar Announces Treaty Representative

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation (EMAC) is pleased to announce that Djab Wurrung man Jamie Lowe has been appointed to the First Peoples’ Assembly.

After a comprehensive process, Mr Lowe was formally elected by EMAC members at a full group meeting last month to be Eastern Maar’s reserved member on the Assembly.

Mr Lowe, who is also the CEO of the National Native Title Council, said the appointment was an enormous privilege and honour for him.

He said that he felt deeply determined and driven to fight for change for the community as he prepares himself to embark on this significant next step in our nation’s history.

“A crucial part of his role will be focused on engaging with Eastern Maar citizens throughout the process to ensure their rights are protected and upheld,” Mr Lowe said.

“My focus will be to maximise the capacity of Victorian First Nations people to negotiate treaties on their terms.

“This will include protecting their right to self-determination and creating platforms for meaningful change. Treaties which recognise and honour the truth-telling process while redressing past wrongs.”

The Assembly will ultimately be made up of 32 members and represent communities in setting with government the ground rules for negotiations, including how treaties can be agreed in Victoria, and setting up an independent umpire for treaty talks.

The purpose of the Assembly is to negotiate the framework for treaty negotiations which will have direct political implications for the scope of future treaties.

The first Assembly meeting will be held over two-days in early December at the Legislative Council Chamber of Parliament House.

For further information please contact Alex Sheehy on 0420 314 221.