Eastern Maar Appoints New Board

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation has appointed a new Board of Directors at their Annual General Meeting in Warrnambool on Saturday November 30 2019.

Eight existing directors have been reappointed while four incoming directors including Peter Harrison, April Clarke, Billy McGuinness and Aunty Julie Jose were all newly appointed. All twelve directors have been elected for a two-year term.

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation’s former interim CEO Jason Mifsud, who has resumed his role of Chair of the Board of Directors, said that the new appointments ensure a strong and diverse team continues to lead for the prosperity of Eastern Maar.

“The combined new and old experience and knowledge will help to provide continuity and maintain strong leadership on the Eastern Maar Board as we continue to advocate and negotiate for the rights and interests of our people,” he said.

“I am confident that these appointments will help continue to steer the direction towards the right decisions for community.

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to give special thanks to the outgoing Board members and thank them for their invaluable contributions to Eastern Maar.”

The Eastern Maar Board is made up of 12 Directors, with one Director per family group, each family group defined by identified apical ancestors.

Those 12 family groups represent hundreds of Eastern Maar citizens who exercise their self-determination by nominating their family representative to sit on the Board through meetings such as Saturday’s AGM.

Full list of Directors:
Family group 1: Peter Harrison
Family group 2: Allan Miller
Family group 3: April Clarke
Family group 4: Billy McGuinness
Family group 5: Graham (Herbie) Harradine
Family group 6: Jason Mifsud
Family group 7: Nicole Cassar
Family group 8: Aunty Janice Austin
Family group 9: Aunty Julie Jose
Family group 10: Aunty Roslyn Howden
Family group 11: Teresa Coverdale
Family group 12: Roslyn Clarke-Britton

For further information please contact Alex Sheehy on 0420 314 221