Country Planning

A Country Plan for EMAC land and waters has been completed and sets out our aspirations for Country.

Eastern Maar citizens came together in a conversation about our future. In doing this, we honour those who have gone before us and acknowledge the sacrifices and successes of Maar citizens who have passed on.

It represents the outcomes of the conversation to date – conversations that will continue as our nation organises and develops in response to issues in the community and the opportunities we seek, starting with our native title negotiations and rights.

This country plan is called Meerreengeeye ngakeepoorryeeyt. It is in our Maar language. Meerreengeeye means ‘Our Country’, which includes the land and waters, plants and animals, our stories and spirits, our citizens. This is how

we see our Country, as connected and all-encompassing. Ngakeepoorryeeyt means ‘far seeing’. It is our ambitious vision for the future, which we have documented in this plan.

This project was supported by the Corangamite and Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authorities through funding from the Australian

Governments National Landcare Program.

Download the Country Plan here → EMAC_CountryPlan