Jordan Edwards named Victorian Mr NAIDOC 2016

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation congratulates one of its citizen’s, Jordan Kamara Edwards, on being crowned this Mr NAIDOC 2016.

Merinda Dryden from Shepparton was crowned Miss NAIDOC.

The Victorian NAIDOC committee announced Edwards’ award last Saturday, to coincide with NAIDOC week, which celebrates cultural pride.

The week, which was an initiative in the 1920’s, driven by Aboriginal activist, William Cooper, celebrates the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Mr and Miss NAIDOC is dedicated to acknowledging young people and their knowledge and contributions to participation and leadership in their respective communities.

The roles award winners take on allow recipients to grow and inspire other young people, tell their story (journey), raise issues about their local communities, promote NAIDOC’s values, network with community and other stakeholders and showcase their leadership skills.

The combined Mr and Miss NAIDOC and NAIDOC Patron Awards Ceremony was the first event on the Victorian NAIDOC Week calendar. The Award winners attended  all Official Vic NAIDOC Week Events as part of their professional leadership development experience. Winners were also invited to attend and speak at several other NAIDOC events.