ngarweeyan eeye launched

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation Newsletter launched

By Marcus Clarke


Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of ngarweeyan eeye, the official seasonal magazine of Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation.

ngarweeyan eeye or ‘our voice’ is a fresh approach to keeping our citizens up to date and connected to the work of EMAC as well as providing a platform to celebrate our collective culture, connection to Country as well as highlighting and focussing on the successes and achievements of our people in their daily life pursuits.

ngarweeyan eeye translates to ‘our voice’ in Keerray Woorroong language.

In developing the name for the publication, we consulted with Eastern MaarCitizen Vicki Couzens who specialises in Language Reclamation and Revival of our Languages. Vicki was able to transform our concepts into a reality, allowing us to use language in a culturally appropriate way and ultimately create a title that reflects the newsletter’s purpose.

ngarweeyan eeye aims to capture a sense of community ownership in the stories that we share. This is a key theme recurring throughout this publication, where community stories and achievements are at the forefront of our content.

We hope this magazine also serves as tool to keep our citizens informed on Eastern Maar business, including wide ranging projects and partnerships we are working on in the background, for and on behalf of our citizens – some of which are detailed in this edition.

Our community are core to this publication and as such we would like to invite Eastern Maar citizens to share their stories with us.

If you have a story you would like to share with community through this publication, please get in touch with Dylan De Jong at

Find a PDF of the newsletter at this link. If you would like a copy of the newsletter mailed to you contact Dylan.