Expressions of Interest: Art / Design for Eastern Maar Guardians Team

A visual representation for our Guardians

Eastern Maar Citizens are invited to submit new or recent artworks or design concepts for use as the Eastern Maar On Country Guardians logo. The successful piece/design for the logo will; be made into a badge/patch that will be part of the Guardian uniform; be used on vehicle advertising; utilised in media, marketing, and communications (flyers, posters, website, Facebook, reports, and more). It will be a visual representation of our Guardians.

The work/design should:

– Reflect the cultural elements of Country and Eastern Maar culture.
– Demonstrate a connection with Eastern Maar Country, with the use of biocultural species of either plants and/or animals, mountains, ocean or waters.
– Where possible, the colours red, black, yellow &/or white be used, as these colours are symbolic of the totemic moiety species the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.

We encourage the design to be bold and uncomplicated.

The successful piece /design will be acquired by EMAC and placed on display in our main office.

The artist can submit one, but no more than three, artworks or design concepts for consideration along with the submission coversheet.

Submissions can either be in person at the Warrnambool Office, 208 Liebig St, or emailed to Katie at

Submissions are due by 4 PM, Monday 19th March 2024. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The successful artist will create and develop their design idea in collaboration with a professional graphics team to incorporate their work into the formats and sizes required. 

As the artist, you will retain Copyright and enter into a formal paid non-exclusive Licensing Agreement with EMAC.

The selected artist will receive a payment of $4,000.

For all inquiries either email or call John Clarke, 0429 598 481

Read the full article and Submission form