New enterprise to ‘lift up’ Traditional Owners

MANA Developments set in motion

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation is expanding, with plans to establish a business arm aimed at developing new business enterprises and ventures that ‘lift up’ societal prosperity and economic independence for Eastern Maar people.

Building economic independence is a strong ambition of Eastern Maar people and features heavily in our community-owned Country Plan that sets forth goals, dreams and priorities of our citizens.

The new internal consulting team called ‘MANA Developments’ will act as an incubator to drive, in consultation and partnership with Eastern Maar Rights Holders, the development of businesses, products, and services from end to end (ideation to market-launch stage) that align to Eastern Maar peoples’ values.

MANA (meaning ‘lift up’ in Kirrae Whurrong language) Developments will start as an in-house team within the corporation with the intention of transitioning it to a standalone, self-sustaining venture in the first 12-24 months of operation.

It will provide direct overarching support to business ventures to ensure they sustainably scale, expand and generate demand for their offerings.

EMAC Chief Executive Officer Marcus Clarke said the new business would elevate the economic prospects, contribute to the economic independence and generate employment, capability building and professional development opportunities for EMAC citizens.

“This new enterprise is all about strengthening the independence of Eastern Maar citizens to be leaders in their own rights,” he said.

“We want MANA Developments to act as a hub for our citizens where they can obtain the best support for their business ideas from initial concept phase to marketable products and services.

“This is in support of our vision that was set out in the Eastern Maar Country Plan.

“Developing our own enterprises is a crucially important part of our ability to secure employment outcomes and build wealth for our people.”

Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation is a Registered Native Title Prescribed body corporate established to hold, manage, protect and promote the laws, culture and traditional rights, interests and aspirations of the Eastern Maar Traditional Owner Group.

It is also a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the protection, preservation and management of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage.

EMAC’s exploration into new markets through MANA Developments is part of the corporation’s long-term vision to improve self-determination for its citizens.

Mr Clarke said as part of the project, EMAC was on the search for a dynamic and ambitious leader to lead the new business as the General Manager.

The General Manager will have overall charge of setting and delivering the MANA Developments vision, from identifying priority business opportunities, forming and building a team and identifying and engaging with potential clients and markets.

“Finding the right leader with the right capabilities and motivations is critical to the success of MANA Developments,” Mr Clarke said.

In designing the MANA Developments model, EMAC was ably pro bono assisted by global consulting firm Boston Consulting Group. Funding for the project was secured through a Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Creating Jobs and Supporting Economic Recovery of Aboriginal Victorians grant.

To find more information about the MANA Developments General Manager job opening click this link.

For more information contact EMAC Media and Communications Officer Dylan De Jong on or call 0497301185.